Create fast lighting calculations

The online calculator, FastCalc developed by DIAL is integrated into the SG website and makes it possible to create fast calculation of a space. In the browser there is a simple planning environment for different application types without having to install any software. 

By selecting a ceiling luminaire from the SG portfolio and you will achieve uniform illumination of a defined area. Using parameters such as ceiling height, degree of reflectance and maintenance factors you can find out which and how many luminaires are required to fulfil a norm.

The result is a rough calculation with rounded values for a quick overview.

How to use FastCalc


1. Go to the the article list at product page. Find the the wanted article number and click at the “More info” button for this number.



2. Click at the “FastCalc” button to open calculation.



3. Fill out the fields for your calculation.

Click at the “Generate PDF” for downloading a PDF with the calculation or click at the “Add ‘FastCalc’ to brochure” if you want to add your calculation to your PDF brochure.

You can also add the product spec.sheet to the PDF brochure by click at the "Add to brochure" button.